Empathy, civility and decorum are essential components of leadership.
These traits are inculcated in children until they become integral aspects of their, that when they become adults, they'll naturally reflect poise and civility.
Today, we have a leadership crises in our country because, a good number of children were not exposed to the culture of civility, from the onset.

As a result, our value system has deteriorated and this is often reflected in our attitude, Behaviour and conduct. Respect, courtesy and good manners have taken a back seat and decorum and empathy are uncommon traits among the citizenry.


Ready to serve.

In a bid to revive our value system and inculate good manners, courtesy language and social graces in children, The Etiquette Place has initiated a movement called iFinesse.


iFinesse is a behaviourial attitude project...a finishing school, for young people set to restore civility, decorum and empathy in the society.

Our goal is simple; to catch them young and deliberately, indoctrinate them with Good manners and social graces.


We propose to deliver an innovative lecture session on etiquette, civility and Social graces that will endear the children to pupils/student in Years 4, 5, 6 and 7 to good manners and proper conduct.
These young participants, who are still in their formative years, will be exposed to various interactive, training sessions by experts from our faculty...geared at instilling good manners, decorum and comportment.



Interactive session



Short videos

Role plays

Each child will be given a pictorial, Etiquette book which will form the basis of the training and which will help the young people project the very essence of the courtesy, elegance and poise.
Role plays, videos and practical case studies will be employed to drive home the point.


  • Social Etiquette
  • Family/Relationship Etiquette
  • Eating manners
  • Playing manners
  • Telephone manners
  • Social media manners
  • Travel manners
  • Traffic manners
  • Bathroom manners
  • Personal hygiene
  • Ladies & Gentlemen


  • To instill a culture of civility and decorum in the children.
  • To inspire a mental shift which will highlight courtesy, empathy and delibrate consideration for others.
  • To imbibe the rich African culture of respect.
  • To internalize courtesy language and polite expressions.
  • To promote respect for oneself and for others.
  • Change the narrative of unruly Behaviour.
  • Change the perception index of Nigerians.
  • To inculcate good manners which will translate to goodwill; an indispensable asset.

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